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Introduction – Tallest Building in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city in southern India that has seen rapid growth in recent years, especially in terms of infrastructure development. One of the areas where Hyderabad has excelled is in the construction of tall buildings. The city has seen the construction of several skyscrapers in recent years, which have contributed to the city’s skyline. In this article, we will discuss the tallest building in Hyderabad, their features, and their contribution to the city’s development.

The construction of tall buildings is an engineering feat that requires advanced construction techniques, materials, and technology. In Hyderabad, the construction of tall buildings has been on the rise in recent years, driven by the city’s economic growth, urbanization, and increasing population. The city’s skyline has transformed significantly with the construction of skyscrapers that have become landmarks in the city. The tallest buildings in Hyderabad are not only a testament to the city’s modernization but also contribute to its development in various ways.

Features of the Tallest Building in Hyderabad

The tallest building in Hyderabad share several features, including their height, design, and construction materials. Most of these buildings are over 150 meters tall and have more than 35 floors. The design of these buildings is modern and incorporates advanced engineering techniques to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters. The construction materials used in these buildings are also of high quality, including steel, concrete, and glass.

The buildings also have various features that make them unique. Some of these features include observation decks, gardens, restaurants, and shopping malls. The observation decks offer a panoramic view of the city and attract tourists from around the world. The gardens, restaurants, and shopping malls provide the building’s occupants and visitors a serene environment.

The Contribution of the Tallest Building in Hyderabad to the City’s Development

The tallest buildings in Hyderabad have contributed to the city’s development in several ways. One of the significant contributions is in the area of real estate. The construction of these buildings has led to an increase in property values in the surrounding areas. As a result, the city’s economy has grown, and more investors are attracted to the city.

The tallest buildings in Hyderabad have also contributed to the city’s tourism industry. The observation decks in these buildings have become a significant tourist attraction, contributing to the city’s revenue. The restaurants, shopping malls, and other amenities in these buildings have also become popular among tourists, contributing to the city’s development.

The tallest buildings in Hyderabad have also contributed to the city’s skyline, making it more attractive and modern. This has improved the city’s image and reputation, making it more attractive to investors, tourists, and residents.

1. SAS Crown
Tallest Building in Hyderabad

The SAS Crown is the tallest residential skyscraper in South India, with three towers and 58 floors reaching a towering height of 235 meters. Located in Kokapet, Outer Ring Road, SAS Crown boasts 82% open-to-the-sky space, spread across 4.5 acres of pristine green surroundings. The skyscraper offers a finite series of a handful of units above 200 meters in the entire South India and only six duplexes above the 200-meter mark.

Designed by the internationally acclaimed AEDAS architect from Singapore, the SAS Crown generates many firsts for the city itself, such as imported Italian marble flooring, which is offered nowhere else in Hyderabad. This tallest building in Hyderabad offers a notch higher living experience with its sky villas, which are one per floor, providing utmost privacy and an exclusive tower to offer 360-degree views from every one of them. The trendsetting feature of gargantuan window frames that evoke a façade feel, with window heights, doubled to be at 12 feet offering uninterrupted views, makes SAS Crown a defined place in the sky.

2. My Home 99
my home 99

Located in Kokapet, Outer Ring Road, My Home 99 is a meticulously designed project with one tower and 54 floors, reaching a height of 213 meters. The property spans 1.7 acres, with 99 units enclosed within a peaceful environment. Although the residential dwellings are in the under-construction state, the project offers first-class premium amenities such as rainwater harvesting, an aesthetically designed landscape garden, and 24/7 security services. The project is being developed in the bustling suburb of the Kokapet SEZ area.

My Home 99 has been developed by the well-known builder Hyma Developers Pvt Ltd. The launch date of this grand project is 01 December 2022, and the year and month of possession of this flat are 01 July 2028.

3. Poulomi Palazzo
Tallest Building in Hyderabad

The Poulomi Palazzo is a residential development in Kokapet, Hyderabad, with one tower and 55 floors reaching a height of 204 meters. The project is built by Poulomi Estates, offering spacious and skillfully designed 4BHK apartments. Extended over a wide area, it provides modern amenities, and every detail is carefully selected and quality crafted. The project has a total land area of 4.6 acres, with 145 units in three towers B + G + 55 floors.

The uber-luxury residential enclave, Palazzo, boasts the reputation of being one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in South India and features the very best in Poulomi Estates’ ultra-luxury living segment. The project offers spacious, lavish, and king-sized 4 BHK apartments with uber-luxurious features.

4. The Trilight
Tallest Building in Hyderabad

The Trilight is a stunning residential skyscraper in Hyderabad that consists of three towers ranging from 47 to 57 floors and heights from 166 to 200 meters. The project is located in the Golden Mile area of Kokapet, Hyderabad, offering residents immediate connectivity to the ORR toll gate at the Financial District. The Trilight offers 462 smartly designed and well-ventilated homes in the formats of 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms with spacious sizes ranging from 2888 sq. ft. to 11,333 sq. ft.

The apartments at The Trilight are designed to offer a lavish lifestyle with elegant and modern interiors. Each apartment is also equipped with servant quarters right outside the unit, providing total privacy to residents. The building’s amenities are also top-notch, featuring a large swimming pool, gym, indoor and outdoor games, and more.

The Trilight is developed by The Mahidhara Group, one of Hyderabad’s leading real estate developers. The Mahidhara Group has established a reputation for delivering premium projects with world-class amenities, and The Trilight is no exception.

5. Raghava IRIS

Raghava IRIS is a new landmark ultra-luxury residential apartment project launched in Raidurgam, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The project is a towering skyscraper consisting of three towers, each with 47 floors and approximately 200 meters in height. Raghava IRIS is a residential enclave that features the very best in Raghava Projects’ ultra-luxury living segment. The project offers just four spacious and opulent 4 BHK apartments per floor with private elevators and luxurious features.

Raghava IRIS boasts a unique feature called “The Iris Sky Island,” which is the first-of-its-kind Sky Deck in India. The design is inspired by Singapore’s Marina Bay. The Iris Sky Island is a beautiful open space that spans over 7 acres, offering breathtaking views of Hyderabad’s skyline. Raghava IRIS also boasts beautiful landscapes, lush greenery, and an equivalent lifestyle that is sure to make residents feel special and elite.

Raghava Projects, one of the leading real estate developers in Hyderabad, has developed Raghava IRIS. The builder ensures a quality living experience for the community of Raidurgam, Gachibowli, West Hyderabad, through brilliant architecture and luxurious features.

6. Myscape Yoo

Myscape Yoo is one of the tallest residential buildings in Hyderabad, consisting of a single tower with 52 floors and a height of 197 meters. The project is located in Puppalguda financial district and spans across 2.49 acres, offering a total of 101 apartment units.

Myscape Yoo is a premium residential project that offers modern amenities and luxury features. The architects designed the apartments to offer spacious and well-ventilated living spaces, which provide breathtaking views of the Hyderabad skyline. The project’s amenities include a large swimming pool, gym, landscaped gardens, and more.

Myscape Properties, a renowned real estate developer in Hyderabad known for providing top-notch projects with world-class amenities, is developing Myscape Yoo. December 2027 is the project’s delivery time.

7. Embassy (SAS) Diamond Tower

Embassy (SAS) Diamond Tower is a towering structure that comprises one tower with 48 floors, standing at an impressive height of 196 meters. The Embassy Diamond Tower is part of a deal between Embassy Group and SAS Infra to develop 14 million square feet of office assets in Hyderabad’s financial district. They have already begun excavation for a project estimated to cover an area of 3 million square feet.

The Embassy Group founded the leading Indian real estate development company in 1993. The company has a diverse portfolio of projects that includes commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, and industrial properties. The Embassy Group has earned various awards and recognition for its contributions to the Indian real estate industry through its sustainable development practices.

The Embassy Group actively participates in various projects in Hyderabad, encompassing commercial and residential properties. They also contribute to the development of the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project, an important infrastructure project aiming to offer a sustainable and efficient mode of public transportation to Hyderabad’s residents.

The Embassy (SAS) Diamond Tower will also become a landmark structure in Hyderabad’s financial district, thanks to its towering presence and contemporary architecture.

8. SAS Downtown

SAS Downtown is a residential project consisting of two towers that are 54 and 55 floors high, respectively, with heights ranging from 186 to 188 meters. The project covers 8 acres of land and provides the community with a mix of amenities, including a commercial tower for conducting business and a fully loaded luxurious clubhouse for top-notch lifestyle needs. It has 6 basements and a ground floor for car parking, and only 418 apartment units in two towers.

The project sets out to create inspiring views and a charming neighborhood, being the tallest mix-use community. The top three floors among the 6 basement floors have automatic robotic parking to enhance convenience and comfort for residents. The project has a wide floor plate of nearly 70,000 sqft, offering ample space for everyone and everything.

9. Raghava Capital 45

Raghava Capital 45 is a residential development located in the Financial District-Gachibowli area of Hyderabad. It comprises a single tower that is 47 floors high and has a height of 175 meters. The project, built by Raghava Properties, offers luxurious 10,999 sqft apartments.

The developers of Capital 45 positioned the well-planned project ideally in the Financial District, NanakramGuda, Hyderabad. The property is part of an integrated township that covers an area of 1 acre. The project features a total of 90 well-ventilated units of Exclusive 5BHK apartments with all necessities.

10. SAS iTower

SAS iTower is a brand new high-rise commercial development project launched in Nanakramguda, Gachibowli of Hyderabad. It comprises a single tower that is 38 floors high and reaches a height of 171 meters.

The mixed-use commercial project comprises Grade A+ Office spaces, a luxurious 5-star hotel, and a premium retail zone. It also includes a modern town hall, a business center, and an executive club. The project offers unprecedented spacious office spaces with luxurious facilities and infrastructure.

With top-notch public infrastructure, the project is one of the tallest and largest commercial developments in Hyderabad. It is next to the National Highways and Outer Ring Road. The project covers an area of 10.79 acres and has 74 units to offer. The properties in SAS iTower are available in various configurations. They include bare shell office space of 5,000 sq.ft. and co-working office spaces of 300 sq.ft. The project has vast dimensions and has 2 towers here.

S.No. Name Location Floors * No of Towers Height Building type Status
1 SAS Crown Kokapet 58 floors * 3 Towers 228.3 metres (749 ft) Residential Under Construction
2 My Home Kshoma Kokapet 54 floors 213.4 metres (700 ft) Residential Under Construction
3 Poulomi Pallazzo Kokapet 55 floors 204 metres (669 ft) Residential Under Construction
4 Myscape Yoo Residences Puppalaguda 52 floors 197.1 metres (647 ft) Residential Under Construction
5 SAS Embassy Diamond Tower Puppalaguda 48 floors 195.6 metres (642 ft) Commercial Under Construction
6 SAS Downtown Tower 1 Puppalaguda 54 floors 187.7 metres (616 ft) Residential Under Construction
7 SAS Downtown Tower 2 Puppalaguda 55 floors 186 metres (610 ft) Residential Under Construction
8 HRI Capital 45 Puppalaguda 47 floors 174.8 metres (573 ft) Residential Under Construction
9 Embassy SAS iTower Khajaguda 38 floors 171 metres (561 ft) Commercial Under Construction
10 DSR The Twins Puppalaguda 42 floors * 2 Towers 169.9 metres (557 ft) Residential Under Construction
11 Candeur Crescent Serilingampally 50 floors * 5 Towers 166 metres (545 ft) Residential Under Construction
12 Raichandani Eka One Kokapet 42 floors 160.2 metres (526 ft) Residential Under Construction
13 Greenspace Marvel Puppalaguda 49 floors * 2 Towers 159.6 metres (524 ft) Residential Under Construction
14 My Home Life Hub Tower 1A,1B Kokapet 35 floors * 2 Towers 156 metres (512 ft) Commercial Under Construction
15 My Home Nishada Kokapet 45 floors * 8 Towers 150 metres (492 ft) Residential Under Construction
16 Sumadhura Olympus Nanakramguda 45 floors * 2 Towers 150 metres (492 ft) Residential Under Construction
17 Candeur Skyline Puppalaguda 59 floors * 4 Towers 234.9 metres (771 ft) Residential Site Preparation
18 Phoenix Triton (R) Puppalaguda 56 floors * 6 Towers 231.8 metres (760 ft) Residential Site Preparation
19 Vamsiram Tower 1,2,3,4 Khajaguda 50 floors * 4 Towers 207.5 metres (681 ft) Residential Proposed
20 Suvarnadurga Trilight Tower 1 Kokapet 57 floors 200 metres (656 ft) Residential Site Preparation
21 Aparna Raidurg 55 floors * 3 Towers 192.5 metres (632 ft) Residential Site Preparation
22 Vamsiram Tower 5,6,7,8 Khajaguda 50 floors * 4 Towers 190.9 metres (626 ft) Residential Proposed
23 Aparna Sarovar Nallagandla 55 floors * 2 Towers 188 metres (617 ft) Residential Proposed
24 Raghava Iris Raidurg 47 floors * 3 Towers 184 metres (604 ft) Residential Site Preparation
25 Rajapushpa Tellapur 54 floors * 10 Towers 180.5 metres (592 ft) Residential Proposed
26 Suvarnadurga Trilight Tower 3 Kokapet 50 floors 175.8 metres (577 ft) Residential Site Preparation
27 Phoenix Triton Puppalaguda 42 floors 175.1 metres (574 ft) Residential Site Preparation
28 Urbanwoods Thrive Khajaguda 39 floors 170.4 metres (559 ft) Commercial Proposed
29 Ektha Western Puppalaguda 46 floors * 4 Towers 170 metres (558 ft) Residential Site Preparation
30 Northstar I in the Sky Manchirevula 48 floors 168.7 metres (553 ft) Residential Proposed
31 Suvarnadurga Trilight Tower 2 Kokapet 47 floors 165.5 metres (543 ft) Residential Site Preparation
32 Aditya Manchirevula 43 floors * 4 Towers 165 metres (541 ft) Residential Site Preparation
33 Candeur Lakescape Kondapur 48 floors * 7 Towers 159 metres (522 ft) Residential Site Preparation
34 Sensation Hyderabad One Nanakramguda 47 floors 158.8 metres (521 ft) Residential Proposed
35 My Home Life Hub Tower 3A,3B Kokapet 35 floors * 2 Towers 156 metres (512 ft) Commercial Site Preparation
36 My Home Life Hub Tower 2A,2B,4A,4B Kokapet 35 floors * 4 Towers 155.7 metres (511 ft) Commercial Site Preparation
37 Sky Gardens Tower 1,2 Tellapur 45 floors * 2 Towers 153.3 metres (503 ft) Residential Site Preparation
38 Sky Gardens Tower 3,4,5 Tellapur 42 floors * 3 Towers 151.4 metres (497 ft) Residential Site Preparation
39 My Home Life Hub Phase III Kokapet 47 floors * 7 Towers 150 metres (492 ft) Residential Proposed
40 NSL East Uppal Kalan 45 floors * 4 Towers 150 metres (492 ft) Residential Proposed
41 Goldfish Vihayasa Kokapet 39 floors 150 metres (492 ft) Residential Proposed
42 Phoenix Business Hub Tower 4,5 Nanakramguda 36 floors * 2 Towers 150 metres (492 ft) Commercial Site Preparation
43 GAR Infobahn Tower 23 Kokapet 36 floors 150 metres (492 ft) Commercial Site Preparation
44 Meenakshi Gateway Puppalaguda 46 floors * 3 Towers 150 metres (492 ft) Residential Site Preparation
45 Salarpuria Sattva Kokapet 40 floors * 6 Towers 150 metres (492 ft) Residential Site Preparation
46 Sanali The Edge 49 floors * 3 Residential Towers, 49 floors * 1 Commercial Tower 150 metres (492 ft)+ Mixed EC/TOR received, Waiting for Fire NOC
47 Aurobindo Khajaguda 150 metres (492 ft)+ Residential EC/TOR received, Waiting for Fire NOC
48 Ananda Sanctuary 150 metres (492 ft)+ Residential EC/TOR received, Waiting for Fire NOC
49 NCC Puppalaguda 150 metres (492 ft)+ Residential EC/TOR received, Waiting for Fire NOC
50 Sreenidhi Kondapur 150 metres (492 ft)+ Residential EC/TOR received, Waiting for Fire NOC
51 Narenn Infra Miyapur 150 metres (492 ft)+ Residential EC/TOR received, Waiting for Fire NOC
52 Lodha Bellezza Tower 3, 4, 5 Kukatpally 45 floors * 3 towers 153 metres (502 ft) Residential Completed

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